The Re-Imagined Art of Communal Bathing
Dip is a revolutionary communal bathing concept that challenges the norms Britain holds on nudity, body image and sharing bathing spaces. Embracing our bodies, taking care of ourselves and interacting with others all contributes to positive wellbeing.
Discovering the severity of loneliness in Britain and the detrimental effects it can have on people initiated this project. With an increasing population and a rise of co-living led to the exploration into an area of our lives that we don’t particularly share. Comparing bathing routines in the UK using primary and secondary research concluded that many people have closed their minds to the idea of ‘sharing bathing spaces.’ Getting clean has become an isolated experience in the UK.
Communal bathing is an important part of life for many other cultures from Japanese to Scandinavia. Getting naked and talking to strangers whilst soaking or steaming is the norm.   
Located in Falcon Work's kiln building, this old ceramic factory in Stoke on Trent has been re-visioned to home a contemporary bathing facility. The original fabric of the building has been carefully balanced alongside the new ceramic touchpoints.​​​​​​​

Exterior visual

Inside the kiln

Ceramic model

The ceramic soap dispenser has been thrown to a 1:40th scale of the actual size of the kilns. Standing with a twin, the two bottle forms replicate the architecture of the building and portray the atmosphere inside the space.
These ceramic kilns were produced with Sheffield local ceramic artist, Penny Withers. 

Dip poster

Dip mirror

This is feature throughout the space. It distorts the viewers perception of themselves, questioning if what they see if really that important at all.  

Interior visual

Scale Model

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